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Deploy PACO on your contruction site and become a trusted partner in France, EU & UK


Les Companions develops PACO®, the assistance robot for painters for new and renovated interiors. The collaborative robot allows to reduce costs, to decrease recruitment problems, to ensure constant and known quality, to answer to the problems of work arduousness and to support the co-activity on construction site.

The methodology used around PACO® is a collaboration between man and machine. It carries out the tedious and thankless tasks while the human is dedicated to the fine work and to the decision making.


  • Get the opportuity to test PACO® on its own site

  • Understand the evolution of methodologies and man-machinecollaboration in construction field

  • Dialogue with Les Companions team to adapt PACO® to your needs

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Les Companions’ team engineers and your team painters


  • Course included
  • Maintenance included